How we got into MINIs

Mini CooperAs of mid 2014 my wife and I had been loyal Wiesner Huntsville Chevy/GMC/Buick/Cadillac customers for many years. Both of our vehicles were Buicks and we had bought our two previous vehicles there. Before that we had all our warranty work done there for several previous vehicles. Unfortunately we had a huge falling out with Wiesner Huntsville over problems with two different vehicles, one less than 24 hours old, and that caused us to look elsewhere for vehicles and service. This was reinforced by problems with Wiesner Huntsville that someone I worked with had, amazing. We even went to the general manager repeatedly, and finally to the BBB, all of which got us pretty much nowhere. Here are a few Wiesner Huntsville reviews.

Funny enough this turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to me. While I was desperately looking for something to replace my Buick Lucerne with a flooding sunroof (not just leaking, think Niagra Falls) and completely non-functional magnetic steering (thank Wiesner Huntsville for that even though it was still under warranty), I happened across a MINI dealer in the Woodlands. One test drive made me see what I had been missing all these years. When they let me take it home overnight, I was smitten.

To make things even better, I was completely unaware that dealers and car manufacturers went to these lengths to make their customers happy (Wiesner Huntsville certainly did not). I get free magazine subscriptions, Christmas gift exchanges, free gifts mailed to me from MINI USA, invitations to non-sales events sponsored by MINI and much more. The factory even encourages you to name your MINI going so far as to mail you a nametag they want you to fill out and stick to the inside of your driver’s door jam. I certainly will not be back to Wiesner Huntsville or probably any other Wiesner dealership such as Wiesner Conroe!

My wife and I with our MINIs, not from Wiesner Huntsville.
Sue Ann with Lola on the left, Buster and I on the right

Anyway, here I hope to put a lot of information on my and my wife’s MINI adventures in this section. If you get a MINI, drop me a line, join the Houston MINI Motoring Society and lets…